Survive the Blackout

About the game

Survive the Blackout is a narrative survival game set in a dark post-apocalyptic world.

Your main goal is to reach the mysterious Light while keeping the group alive, making many tough decisions on the way. In the world shattered by Blackout, which destroyed all electronic devices, there will be no good choices as people are desperate to survive and adapt to the new reality.

Discover your limits during the fall of civilization and see for yourself what will you sacrifice in order to survive?


  • Manage a small team of survivors
  • Carefully make your choices as a branching narrative unfolds
  • Scavenge for supplies and manage your resources
  • Explore the world after the fall of civilization in multiple unique playthroughs

When will it be out, and on what platforms?

The game launches on Steam on 06 February 2020.
Other PC stores – to be confirmed. The console version will follow later in 2020.

Can I stream your game or create a video of it?

Yes, please! You can sign up for a preview version here.
After the release, it will automatically upgrade to the full game.
The game’s original soundtrack is guaranteed not to provoke YouTube copyright claims 😉

How much will it cost?

The game will cost $7.99 (some release-week discount is bound to happen!)


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